Top 5 Online Shopping Sites In Philippines : Best Shopping Sites in Philippines

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Philippines

Looking for Top Online Shopping sites in the Philippines? Here in this post we are going to list the Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Philippines.

Not so long ago, filipino buyers were not very confident of buying online due to lack of trust in online sellers as well but that is begining to change.

44 million filipinos have access to internet.

Online Shopping is slowly gaining popularity in the Philippines because filipinos are getting used to the convenience of shopping from the comforts of their home.

Since almost all Online shopping sites accept cash on delivery option, more and more people from even remote parts of the country are shopping online for their needs.

Here are the Top 5 online shopping sites in the philippines.


Top No. 1:

Top 5 online shopping sites in philippines
Launched about 4 years ago, Lazada Philippines is one of the one of the fastest growing arm of Rocket Internet in south east asia. Since Lazada is a multi category site so you can buy almost everything here.

From mobile phones, household appliances, home and office furniture to cosmetics, Lazada has something for everyone.

Therefore, Lazada is the biggest online shopping site in the country with most number of products listed. And, if you are looking for latest smartphone such as iphone 7 or samsung galaxy S7, you will probably find these on lazada at lowest prices.


Top No. 2:

Top 5 online shopping sites in philippines

Zalora is  the biggest online fashion store in philippines. Hence, it caters only to fashion category and is sort of heaven for those looking for clothing and accessories. It carries many local and imported brand as well as zalora home brands.

Most of its customers are female fashionistas. If you are looking for latest trends in fashion, you won’t be able to resist their offerings.

Top No. 3:

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites In Philippines

If you want to buy anything at the lowest prices, greatvalueplus is the cheapest online shopping site in Philippines. While it has been in business for only 3 years, GreatValuePlus offers daily deals with unbelievable discounts.

They have the best collection of watches, Bags, Perfumes and apparel. Check out their deals for Casio G-shock watches & Newyork Army brand of polo shirts and watches. Most of all, they also offer imported products not available in Philippines.


Top No 4:

Top 5 online shopping sites in philippines

Takatack is an online marketplace launched in late 2014. It has diverse range of merchants and offers everything from cosmetics, books, mobile phones, fashion & accessories furniture, hardware and even branded furniture.

Furthermore, they accept all kinds of payments including cash on delivery. In addition to products, they also sell coupons / vouchers for travel, leisure and wellness.


Top No. 5:

Top 5 online shopping sites in philippines is an online shop which sells mostly affordable products. Most of their products are located in China and delivered 3-5 weeks after order is places. They have good range of China brand mobile phones too. They offer cash on delivery as well but its limited to P3000.

Have your already purchased from any of the online shops listed here? What are your favourite online Shopping sites in Philippines? Please share with us your experience of buying online.



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