Signs He’s Probably Cheating On You


No one likes being with a cheater but cheating is on the rise like never before. With more and more ways of connecting and communicating with new people (think facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder and countless other mobile applications) it has become easier to cheat and most often, women have no clue.

Below are Signs that your man may be cheating on you. Some are very obvious while other may not be so.

  1. His behavior changes
    Peope have certain behavior patterns and they are mostly not changed or altered unless there is a major distraction such as an affair.
  2. He spends more time away
    If you suddenly notice him spending more and more time away from you without any particular reason, it could be a sign that something is wrong.
  3. He changes is appearance
    If your man starts to pay more attention to his looks and spends more time in front of mirror grooming than he used to before, it could be a sign that he trying to impress a member of opposite sex.
  4. He is more secretive with his phone
    Have you noticed him taking more and more calls in private? Is he keeping his phone out of your reach often? If he is keeping his phone password a secret, then there must be something that he does not want you to see.
  5. He is a good liar
    If he is good at lying about other things in life. It makes him a very good candidate to lie about his cheating
  6. He has a history of cheating
    Past behavior is very often a good indicator of future behavior. If he has cheated before in any relationship, even before you. If he has done it before, he is more likely do it again.
  7. You are not having Sex
    He is losing interest in intimacy. If he always wanted to get it on with you and suddenly shows little desire for you, he could be having sex elsewhere.
  8.  Neither of you are Happy
    Motivation to cheat arise if you are not satisfied with your partner. If you really think he is cheating, ask yourself if both of you are happy together in the first place. If one partner is cheating means that something is probably wrong in your relationship. You both need to honest about it and fix it.



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