Meet Zenbo! Cute Robot for your Home


” Meet Zenbo, Your smart little companion that provides companionship, assistance, and entertainment when you need it.” –


Zenbo, the first ever home-robot by Asus is now available in the Market for only 28K!

What Can Zenbo Do

1. Move
It can independently move around the house to assist anyone in case of emergency, reminders, and entertainment.


2. Hear & Speak
It can respond naturally to your request and questions! Zenbo has a really cute voice.
3. Refined Sound
You can enjoy music anywhere in the house as Zenbo dance to the music.
4. Emote
This robot has cute facial expressions that will make you go aww
5. See and Recognize People


It can recognize people! It can detect who you are, monitor your home, make video calls and it can even take your family photos!
6. Connect to Smart Home Devices
You can order items online, watch videos, and interact with other online services. This feature makes it possible for Zenbo to React on Emergencies as soon as possible. It notifies family members on house emergencies.


Yep, it can adapt to your preferences because of its proactive artificial intelligence.

Each family member can enjoy Zenbo on their personal need, most especially when it comes to assistance and companionship.

To Seniors,
With the help of Znebo, they can stay connected as well as reminding them of their medicine intake and other family schedules.


To your kids,
This cute little Robot can do more wonder than just being your children’s new toy. It can educate them with interactive learning games to held kids cultivate their logical and creative thinking.


To the parents,
It can read recipes while you cook, it can act as your home’s CCTV camera and can be the best helper you ever had



This cute little robot can do so much wonders!

Asus’ innovation shows how technology is potentially becoming man’s new best friend. It can be a big hit in the market and looks like Zenbo isn’t the only thing that will be adapting to our homes.

In time, if robots became part of our everyday life, how could it possibly affect our lifestyle and behavior.

*There is no official announcement yet on when this will be available in the Phillippines.

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Mabuhay, Manila!




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